* Bachelor of Science Degree in Child
and Adolescent Development
* Working towards a Masters degree in Accounting
* Certified in First Aid/CPR
* Certified in Infant and Toddler Training
* Certified in SIDS Training
* Ongoing yearly training in Child Development
related courses
* Certified in Administering Medications
* Certified in Emergency Disaster Preparedness


To provide a warm, safe and healthy environment for infants, toddlers and older children to learn, explore and grow at their own pace physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally while adding fun and laughter to each day. Prepare for your child to be engaged!


USDA approved meals and snacks are provided daily with all costs included in weekly rate.

CACFP (food program) makes 2-3 yearly home visits to ensure healthy meals/snacks are being provided to children in care.

Birth to Four months:
Breast milk and/or formula only

Four to Twelve months:
Breast milk and/or formula
Solids-Infant cereal, 100% juice,
pureed or strained fruits and vegetables
Milk:(whole 1-2 years old )
(1% over 2 years of age)

Ages 1 and up:
Sample meals and snack:
Breakfast: Pancakes, fruit cocktail and milk.
Lunch: Turkey burgers, bun, peaches, green beans, milk. Snack: Graham cracker and 100% grape juice.


Questions?? Email Us:

or call: (301) 324-6599

The provider will not accept children into the home who are contagiously sick. If your child is ill, parents should make other arrangements for the care of their child.

In the case of vomiting/diarrhea, please allow 24 hours to pass without vomiting before bringing your child in for care. A child with an unknown rash will not be accepted into care without a clearance note from his/her physician.

Provider Paid Holidays/Closings:

New Years Eve/Day and day after, MLK Jr. Holiday,
Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day,
Thanksgiving Eve, day and day after,
Christmas eve, day and day after.


Each year the provider will take 20 days of personal time off, usually not at the same time.

Parents will be notified in advance. Parents will not be charged for provider vacations.


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