FFCC Daily Schedule:

6:00 ........ Arrivals/ educational video
8:00 ........ Centers/Reading
9:00 ........ AM Snack/Potty
9:45 ........ Curriculum/Outdoor play
11:30 ........ Lunch/potty/nap
2:00 ......... Free play/potty
2:45 ........ PM meal/arts & crafts
3:30 ........ Outdoor play
4:00 ........ Music/dance/potty
4:30 ........ Clean-up/educational video
5:30 ........ Dismissal

Food program visits: Am snack 9-9:15
Lunch 11:45-12:15 Dinner 2:45-3:15

Objective/goals for each child:

Alphabet/Number Recognition

Color/Shape Recognition

Animals and the sounds they make


Basic life skills: eating with utensils, tying, zipping, snapping, buttoning, lacing, and buckling.

Handwriting: ability to right name, letters, numbers, etc.

Good hygiene/health

Good manners

Up and down, left and right, small and big, and so much more .

We learn through:

Language and Literacy- consists of listening and receptive skills, phonics, vocabulary development, expressive language, reading and writing skills.

Mathematics- consists of numbers, patterns, sorting and classifying and measurement.

Science- consists of life (nature), physical (body parts) and earth science (animals/plants/weather).

Social Studies-consists of family & community, respect for differences among people.

Creative/Arts Development- consists of artistic expression, music and movement and dramatic play.

Social and Emotional Development - consists of self-awareness, curiosity, initiative, self-direction, persistence towards learning, self-control, interpersonal and social skills.

Health and Physical Development- consists of gross/fine motor skills and health and safety.
Program Description:

Our curriculum is based on the child’s needs. Weekly lessons are planned as well as fun monthly themes. Our materials are gathered from all sorts of resources from workbooks to learning websites, all aligned to state and national standards of education.

We take the time to observe and assess what each child already knows and proceed accordingly with lessons to help improve and build upon strengths.

Infants and children thru the age of five learn through everyday play. Some learning tools/activities made available are as follows: shapes, blocks, books, puzzles, crayons, paint, textured toys, singing, music and movement, educational/interactive videos, dramatic play, arts and crafts, lacing, felt, water play, indoor and outdoor play.

Subjects taught are: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Creative/Arts Development, Social and Emotional Development and Health and Physical Development.

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